2019 Members Bulb Lottery

Here is a list of the 2019 bulb lottery prizes.  Many thanks once again to Len Olive for organising the event and to the sponsors who donated the prizes.

R & A Scamp Daffodils
£ 25 Voucher
Derrick Turbitt
1 Bulb of Causway Julie. 3-yyr
1 Bulb of Causway Torch. 2w-yyp
Chris Yates
Collection of three bulbs (Donors Choice)
Roger Braithwaite
1 Bulb of John Lea. 1w-w (New Introduction)
Terry Braithwaite
3 Bulbs of Peseta. 8 w-w
Bramcote Bulbs
1 Bulb of Kenny Bacon. 1y-y (New Introduction)
1 Bulb of Vic Coe. 3w-y (New Introduction)
1 Bulb of Aston Heath. 1y-o
1 Bulb of Barbara Ann. 2w-w
1 Bulb of Bentley Brook. 1y-y
1 Bulb of Bramcote Gem. 1w-y
1 Bulb of Coplow Dale. 1w-y
1 Bulb of Church Wilne. 4y-o
3 Bulbs of Bramcote Star. 2y-o
3 Bulbs of Bramcote Viillage. 2y-o
3 Bulbs of Ombersley. 1y-y
3 Bulbs of Ombersley. 1y-y
Jan Pennings Bulbs (Netherlands)
Collection of bulbs (Donors Choice)
Carlos van der Veek Bulbs (Netherlands)
Collection of Miniature Daffodils (Donors Choice)
Choice Bulbs
1 Bulb of Eden Song. 2w-p (New Introduction)
1 Bulb of Glow Torch. 1y-o (New Introduction)
1 Bulb of Lumen Lemon. 3y-y (New Introduction)
1 Bulb of Pyrotechnica. 2y-r (New Introduction)
1 Bulb of Red Flare. 2y-r (New Introduction)
1 Bulb of Sevile Orange. 1w-o (New Introduction
1 Bulb of Silk Bay. 1w-p (New Introduction
1 Bulb of Snowy Owl. 4w-w (New Introduction)
1 Bulb of Kingsday. 1y-o (New Introduction)
1 Bulb of Paradale. 4y-o (new Introduction
Keith Boxall
Collection of five bulbs (Donors Choice)

Bulbs sponsored by Members
Sandra Baxter
Mike Baxter
Jackie Petherbridge
Joy Olive
Len Olive
John Gibson
Collection of twelve cultivars from divisions 1 to 4 one bulb of each
Collection of six cultivars all yellow
Collection of six cultivars with pink in the corona
Collection of six cultivars all white
Collection of six cultivars from divisions 5 to 9