Ian Tyler Caption Competition

We have enlisted the help of Ian Tyler (who else?) in order to put together a caption competition for the official launch of this site

Have a look at the photograph below and suggest what may be thinking as he judges this bloom.

We have three winners!

Congratulations and thanks to Chris Yates, Malcolm Rose and Becky Fox Matthews. Check out their entries.

This competition is now closed.

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20 responses to “Ian Tyler Caption Competition”

  1. Jeff says:

    “Think I better take the judges test!”

  2. Robin says:

    If only I could grow daffs as good as this

  3. mike lewis says:


  4. Nancy says:

    Maybe no one will notice if I put this daff on my jacket as a boutonniere.

  5. Ben Blake says:

    Did they really think they could fool me with a silk flower?

  6. What a Lovely crease !

  7. Becky Fox Matthews says:

    She knew I would check the back, but is that really the proper place to leave me a “Dear John” letter?

  8. Bob says:

    Hmmm. Trumpet must be on the other side.

  9. Roger Braithwaite says:

    Where’s the fiver

  10. Malcolm says:

    You look a bit narcissistic to me

  11. Alfred King says:

    This is the first year they’ve asked me to judge at the Sellafield Gardening Club Show.
    I think I’ll start with the miniatures.

  12. Buster says:

    O dear even worse o the back

  13. Dave Hardy says:

    I wonder if there is a category for the funkiest tie? Sure I’m in with a chance.

  14. Chris Yates says:

    Well that look had you all fooled – I don’t actually THINK anything when I’m judging!!

  15. Daffodil, asphodel, who would think such a cheerful, sunshine yellow would remind me of my grave, of my inevitable journey to the underworld?

  16. Owen Davies-Tasmania says:

    Confucious say—” good daffodil look judge in eye— bad daffodil bare posterior”

  17. Dottie Lane says:

    …colour of soft melting butter on my toast, wish I’d had my breakfast now, if I stand here much longer I’ll eat it

  18. Ivor Clark says:

    I think this old Bloom may have been clocked!

  19. Catherine McKay says:

    That neck is perfect like mine.

  20. Derek Phillips says:

    I’ve driven 150 miles for this. 4 or 4.5 ?