Pictures from Galicia

Here are a few pictures from Jan and Lynne Dalton on their expedition in Spain

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2 responses to “Pictures from Galicia”

  1. Hi Everyone, just a few pics from Galicia(except the second one of Echo, our motorhome, which was actually taken near Potes in the Picos de Europa, where we stayed for one night in January on our way over to Galicia. The large building in the background is the Monestario de Torribio and we are on the large Mirador car park that is for the visitors. It had a lovely view of the snow-capped mountains of the Picos in the opposite direction.).
    The N.cyclamineus are a most impressive sight when they are in full bloom en masse beside the riverside meadows. There were literally thousands of them in flower in the same field as the picture at bottom left.
    The triandrus are out everywhere in Galicia, the climate is so much milder and the season earlier than most other parts of Northern Spain. We found a hybrid between N.bulbocodium and N.triandrus in a field just along the bottom road of our campsite, so we chose our venue well for sightseeing and daffodil hunting.
    The food,wine and locals are all great and we are enjoying our trip very much. You must try it sometime, the scenery, flora and fauna is tremendous so there is something for everyone. Keep watching.
    Bye for now. Jan & Lynne

  2. Wendy Akers says:

    Jan and Lynne, I love the eye level photo of the cyclamineus. Every time I see them growing like this, in their thousands I still can’t believe we all thought they had disappeared in the wild. It makes you wonder what else we are missing away from the roadside in the really wild places. Great to see your flowers, I shall keep watching.