2013 Elsecar Spring Show

As with many of the early shows this year there was a shortage of blooms, but as the saying goes, the show must go on

Ken Harrop arrived with just time to stage his 20 plus blooms helping to lift the show

Ken put up a good set of 12 blooms taking the Daffodil Society Bronze Medal

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Daffodil Society Bronze Medal Winning Entry of
Ken Harrop


Christine Yeardley had best bloom in show with Golden Joy

class 1:  12 blooms  1 entry  Ken Harrop:

Honeybourne. Tuscarora. Polgooth. Altun Ha. Ombersley. Cadlwira. Cape Cornwall.  Dailmanach. River Queen. Immacabus. Jasons Bay. Banker

Class 2: 2 vases of 3 blooms  1st Ken Harrop: Sherbourne . Ombersley. 2nd Christine Yeardley: Gold Velvet. Filly

Class 3: blooms from at least 2 divisions Christine Yeardley:. Trumpet Warrior. Golden Joy. Park Springs

Class 4. Christine Yeardley. 1 vase div 2 (3 blooms): Filly

Class 6: 3 blooms 1 div 1 1div 2 1div 3 Christine Yeardley: Gold Velvet. Broomhill. Park Springs

Class 7: 3 blooms div2.  1st / 2nd Christine Yeardley: Misty Glen, 2nd  Broomhill. 3rd P Sullivan: unknown

Class 8: 3 div 1. Ken Harrop: Gold Convention

Class 9: 3 div 2 red in the cup Christine Yeardley: Demmo

Class 13: 3 blooms div 6. 1st/2nd Sue Vinden: Trena. 2nd Itzim

Class 15: 1vase 3 miniature daffodils 1st/2nd Christine Yeardley: N. cyclamineus, 2nd Mitzy 3rd Sue Vinden: Mitzy

Class 16:  1 div 1 1st Ken Harrop:  Uncle Duncan 2nd Christine Yeardley:.Gold Velvet

Class 17: 1 Div 2 yellow perianth. 1st Christine Yeardley: Golden Joy  (Best Bloom in show) 2nd/3rd Ken Harrop: Happy Valley. 3rd Strines

Class 18: 1 Div 2 white perianth. 1st Sue Vinden: Misty Glen. 2nd Ken Harrop: River Queen

Class 20: 1 Div 4 Ken Harrop: Gay Kybo.

Class 21: 1 Div 6.  !st Christine Yeardley: Trena. 2nd Sue Vinden: Trena

Class 22: I bloom/stem from Div 5, 7, or 8. 1st/2nd/3rd. Sue Vinden: Falconet, 2nd. Sweetness 3rd Katy Heath.

Report by John Freer


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