Bulb Lottery results 2014

2014 Members Bulb Lottery Results

The 2014 Bulb Lottery, organised and administered by Len Olive was drawn during the Daffodil Show on April 20th.
Our grateful thanks to bulb growers and individual prize sponsors (in bold) for a tremendous list of bulbs. Congratulations to the lucky winners – as they say “you have to be in it to win it”.

The 2014 Bulb Lottery Prizes and winners are:

Terry Braithwaite
1 Bramcote Star 2y-o (New Introduction) Mr. G.S. Main – Portlethen, Aberdeen

Roger Braithwaite
1 Coughton Court 1w-y (New Intro) Mr. S. Salt – Iver, Buckinghamshire

Bramcote Bulbs
3 Banker 2y-o    Mr. F.J. Beach – Newdigate, Surrey
1 Bramcote 1y-y    Mr. D. Phillips – Bath
1 Bramcote Sunrise 2y-o   Mr. S. Salt – Iver, Buckinghamshire
1 Cameo Flush  2 o-o   Mr. R.R.F. Gillings-Finchampstead, Berks
3 Desert Quest  2y-o   Mr. F. Austin – Effingham, Surrey
3 Fireblade 2y-yyo   Dr. D. Willis – York
3 Imprezza  3w-gww   Mr. J. Woodrow – Thetford, Norfolk
3 Lily Grace 2w-p   Mr. R.S. Moore – Avoch, Ross-shire
1 Northern Dawn 3w-yyr   Mr. T. Richardson – Lindfield,  West Sussex 
1 Ednaston 3w-yyr (New Introduction) Mr. I.F. Penny – Congresbury, Bristol
1 Rylands 2y-p (New Introduction) Mr. V. Coe – HighWycombe, Bucks

Rae Beckwith Bulbs
Collection of five bulbs  Mr. G.S. Main – Portlethen, Aberdeen

Keith Boxall
Collection of Five bulbs  Mrs. T. Braithwaite – Bramcote, Nottingham

Jan Pennings Bulbs (Netherlands) Mr. D. Griffin – Stevenage, Hertfordshire
A collection of bulbs     

Ron Scamp Daffodils
£25 Voucher    Mr. R.A. Wright – Totton, Southampton 

Ringhaddy Bulbs
1 Oh Wow 3w-p (New Introduction) Mr. J. Freer – Leeds, West Yorkshire
1 Firefighter 3y-o   Mr. R.G. Sedgwick –Sandwich, Kent
1 Defence Corps  1w-y   Mr. J. Woodrow – Thetford, Norfolk
1 Rapid Stride 6y-y   Mr. M.J. Taylor – Thorpe Bay, Essex

Choice Bulbs
3 Terminator 2y-r   Dr. D. Willis – York
3 Banker  2y-o     Mr. M. Robinson – Ryton
3 Ombersley 1y-y   Mr. M. Lewis – Padeswood, Nr. Mold
1 First Choice 1y-y   Mr. E.E. Green – Totland Bay, Isle of Wight
1 Grand Choice 2w-wwp   Mrs. E. Livermore – Royston, Herts.
1 Frilley Choice 2w-wwp (New Intro) Mr. M. Robinson – Ryton

Chris Yates
Collection of three bulbs  Mr. G.S. Main – Portlethen, Aberdeen

Derrick Turbitt
1 Causeway Winner 2y-r   Mr. P.J. Baxter – Leigh-on-Sea, Essex
1 Magic Lantern  1y-o   Mr. M. Baxter – Birchgreen, Hertfordshire

Carlos van der Veek Bulbs        
Collection of five bulbs  Mr. P.A. Payne – Postwick, Norwich

Bulbs sponsored by Richard Gillings
4 Aleston 2y-y    Mrs. J.M. Doulton – Hawkinge, Kent
3 Ombersley 1y-y   Dr. P. Shand – Aberdeen
3 First Team 4y-o   Mr. A Watson – Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
2 Misquote 1y-y    Mr.& Mrs. J. Culloden – Huddersfield
2 Tuscarora  1y-y   Mr. R. Hilson – Lindfield, West Sussex
2 Banker  2y-o     Mr. I. Tyler – Wigan
2 Entente  2y-o    Mr. I.F. Penny – Congresbury, Bristol
2 Nice Day  3w-w   Mr. B.E. Forrester – St. Georges, Telford
2 Shurdington  3w-yyo    Mr. I. Tyler – Wigan
2 Wychbold  3y-y   Mr. D. Phillips – Bath

 John Gibson Daffodils
1 Palheiro  2w-wwp(New Introduction) Mr. J. Woodrow – Thetford, Norfolk
1 Grafton Gold  2y-y   Mr. P. Copping – Manchester
1 Redwell Beauty  3y-o   Mr. K. Harrop – Manchester
1 Eastbrook Moonlight  2w-gww  Mr. E. Smith – Ironbridge, Telford
3 Welland Vale  1y-y   Mr. K. Harrop – Manchester
Collection of six bulbs   Mr. G. Davies – Ferndown, Dorset
2nd Collection of six bulbs   Mr. & Mrs. Purnell – Somerton, Somerset

Bulbs sponsored by members
Mike and Sandra Baxter   Mr. P.A. Payne – Postwick, Norwich
Gwynne Davies    Mr. I.Clark – Alveston South, Gloucestershire
Janine Doulton    Mr. I. F.  Johnson – Folkstone, Kent
Colin Gilman    Mr. R. Braithwaite – Bramcote,  Nottingham
Ian Johnson (Two Prizes)  Mr. P. Barrow – Lightwater, Surrey
                                                       Mr. J. Woodrow – Thetford, Norfolk
Len Olive     Mr. M. Henson – Heanor
Jackie Petherbridge   Mr. R.W. Hedge – Worcester Park, Surrey


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