The late Clive Postles

It is with very great sadness that we announce the death of Clive Postles on Tuesday November 1 2016.

Clive was a much loved and respected member of the Society, a Vice President, a highly honoured exhibitor and raiser of many, many quality daffodils. Astrid’s Memory, named after his late wife is still considered by many to be one of the finest daffodils ever raised.

Although in failing health it was our pleasure and delight to welcome him to our Daffodil show where he still took a very keen interest in all the flowers on display. Many of the winning trophy exhibits contained flowers that he had raised.

Our sincere condolences to his son Chris.

Further details to follow as we receive them.

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6 responses to “The late Clive Postles”

  1. Editor says:

    When I first started to show daffodils I was dazzled by the wonderful pink cultivars raised and shown by Clive. I had never seen anything of such colour, size and grace.
    The quality of his mail order bulbs was legendary.
    Clive was a quiet man but always happy to talk about his flowers and to offer words of encouragement.

  2. Richard Gillings says:

    Clive was the perfect gentleman and gave of his time to anyone who wanted to listen.
    His contribution to the daffodil world is second to none and his daffodils and conversation inspired many people, myself included to grow daffodils.
    Thinking of Chris and family at this sad time.
    Richard and Wendy Gillings

  3. Anne Smales says:

    Clive and Astrid were a great inspiration to myself and Richard when we started growing and showing daffodils. Clive always had time to discuss every aspect of the daffodil and Astrid every aspect of gardening. I am sure Clive will be remembered by many for his amazing flowers. He was a very kind and gentle man and will be very sadly missed. My condolences to Chris.

    Anne Smales

  4. wendy akers says:

    Terribly sad to hear of the death of Clive Postles today. He followed in the footsteps of John Lea , who was still raising extraordinary flowers when he died and Clive took over the mantle and with his meticulous selections always had something amazing to show us each year. That’s how I remember him, enthusiatically calling us to look at yet another of his new flowers.
    Chris and his sister will miss their father and James and myself will also.

  5. Rae Beckwith says:

    Clive was a wonderful person, friend and mentor. For those who were really interested in Daffodils Clives help and guidance knew no bounds. He will always be remembered for his skill in producing the most outstanding new Daffodil cultivars . I will always think of Clive as a quiet man who knew what he was doing. Our thoughts go to Chris and the other members of Clives family.

  6. Malcolm Bradbury says:

    Clive made several important contributions to our enjoyment of daffodils. When John Lea died unexpectedly it was Clive who continued to make his already named daffodils available to enthusiasts and who subsequently made several important selections available from his seedlings. His own seedlings made their mark in due course and whilst many will remember ‘Ombersley’ and ‘Astrid’s Memory’ I think his fertile doubles and the progress he made with the notoriously difficult to improve 1W-Y’s are an important legacy. A generous host with both his time and his bulbs I recall telling him that a clump of ‘Jetfire’ 6Y-R that I saw growing in his garden looked to be free of the virus that usually distorts the corona colour of that cultivar. That Autumn my bulbs from him included some gratis bulbs from his clump of Jetfire.
    Malcolm Bradbury