The late Tony James.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Tony James on Friday 4 November 2016.

Tony was an international ambassador for the daffodil and The Daffodil Society. He travelled extensively in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America where his knowledge, opinions, judging skills and dry sense of humour were appreciated and enjoyed.

As a Life Member and Vice President of the Society, a long standing Committee member and a successful fundraiser; running the Society lottery for many years, his contribution to the well being of the Society was invaluable. Quietly spoken, Tony didn’t always say very much but when he did speak his wise words were always thoughtful, considered and well worth listening too.

Tony was, amongst other things a fine photographer and his appreciation of Daffodils lives on through his contribution to Daffseek. This American Daffodil Society database that is used extensively world wide to record and identify daffodils contains many of Tony’s photographs. As one of the original group of international project members, his photographic contribution and testing of the prototype earned appreciation and recognition by the American Daffodil Society.

Our sincere condolences to his widow, Pat. He will be much missed

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4 responses to “The late Tony James.”

  1. Editor says:

    Tony James was a lovely man. Behind the quiet exterior lay a sharp wit and wicked sense of humour. Tony’s knowledge and love of daffodils is well known and appreciated by many but you had to listen carefully to truly appreciate his character and sense of fun.
    Few will forget his masterminding of the Society members annual bulb lottery and the importance of the considerable funds he raised to enable the Society to fulfil it’s objectives.

  2. Rae Beckwith says:

    Tony James was a true friend of the Northern Group of The Daffodil Society . Always willing to offer advise in a quiet, charming manner. I enjoyed many conversations regarding the present and future of the group. We will all miss Tony at the shows especially Harrogate which he enjoyed so much. His wonderful photography skills will be missed by us all. Condolences go to his wife Pat and his family.

  3. Steven James says:

    Many thanks for all the kind comments regarding Tony….much appreciated by family.

  4. Reg Nicholl says:

    I feel a great loss with the passing of Tony who I have known an admired for his understated humour and wise counsel for a great many years.
    An example of the former occurred when we ‘roomed’ together in the States and I was concerned about my snoring keeping him awake during night. “Don’t gave it a second thought” he responded adroitly, and removed his hearing aid. What a lovely man I shall miss enourmously.