Important Coughton Court entry arrangements 14/15/16 April 2017

Message to Daffodil Society Members attending the Daffodil Show at  Coughton Court 14 April (staging only) and 15/16 April 2017

All members have been issued with 2 membership cards. You MUST  bring the membership cards with you to gain entrance to the grounds and show.

Membership cards may be asked for before you park in which case you must have them available as you enter the grounds. However you will need to keep your cards with you after you have parked in case you need to show it at the ticket office. (This is a change from the previous instruction asking you to leave a card in your car)

If you are a non DS member,  an RHS member or a NT member you will need to book with Coughton Court before coming as there are limited places on this week-end.

More information is available on the Coughton Court website where it clearly states that visitors must pre-book on line or Call 0344 249 1895 for further details.

Terry Braithwaite. Secretary


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