2017 Members Only Lottery Results

Here are the results of this years bulb lottery.  Many thanks once again to Len Olive for organising the event.

Ron Scamp Daffodils
£25 Voucher                                                 Mrs. S. Baxter, Hertford, Herts.

Derrick Turbitt 
2 Causeway Gem 6y-y                                 Mr. K. Bacon, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.
1 Causeway Torch 2w-yyp                           Mr. & Mrs.V. Johansson, Hemel Hempstead.

Terry Braithwaite
3 Angel’s Whisper  5y-y Min                       Mr. I. Tyler, Wigan. Lancs.

Roger Braithwaite
1 Purshull Green CP sdlg 666                      Mr. D.W. Ball, High Wycombe, Bucks.

Bramcote Bulbs
1 2017 New Release                                       Mr. D. Spencer, Fobbing, Essex.
1 2017 New Release                                       Mr. A Witard, Colchester, Essex.
1 2016 Release                                                Mr. P. Wilkins, Buckhurst Hill, Essex.
1 2016 Release                                                Mr. I. Johnson, Folkestone, Kent.
3 Goyt Valley 4y-o                                         Mr. & Mrs. V. Johansson, Hemel Hempstead.
3 Amber Valley 1y-y                                      Mr. H. Fogg, Doncaster.
3 Bramcote 1y-y                                             Mr. E. Pickard, Christchurch, Dorset.
3 Ednaston 3w-gyo                                        Mr. D. Griffin, Stevenage, Herts.

Rae Beckwith Bulbs
Collection of five bulbs (Donors Choi         Mr. W. D. Clemmey, Whitnash, Leamington Spa.

Keith Boxall
Collection of five bulbs (Donors Choice)     Mr. A. Brierley, Mottram Hyde, Cheshire.

Jan Pennings Bulbs (Netherlands)
Collection of bulbs (Donors Choice)              Mr. J. A. Chinn, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset.

Carlos van der Veek Bulbs (Netherlands)
Collection of Miniature Daffodils (Donors Choice)   Mr. R.F. Newbery, Pensford, Bristol.

John Gibson Bulbs
1 Collection of 6 varieties (Donors Choice)  Mr. R.E. Thompson, Alnwick, Northumberland
1 Castle Acre 1y-w New Release                Mr. D. Williams, Denton, Manchester.
1 Fineshade  1y-o                                          Mr. J. Wood, Coulsdon, Surrey.
1 Avon Mill  1w-w                                         Mr. D. Griffin, Stevenage, Herts.
1 Frozen Jade  1w-w                                     Mr. D. W. Ball, High Wycombe,
1 Broadway Beauty  2y-gyy                         Mr. F. White, Ashford, Kent.
3 Cherrygardens  2w-p                                Mr. M. Henson, Heanor, Derbyshire.
1 Redwell Beauty  3y-o                                 Mr. C. Walker, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
3 Angels Breath  5y-y (Min)                        Mrs. L. Hibbert, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.
1 Crevette  8w-o (Min)                                  Mrs. A. Purnell, Somerton, Somerset.

Chris Yates
Collection of 3 Bulbs (Donors Choice)           Mr. J. Woodrow, Thetford, Norfolk.

Choice Bulbs
1 Camilla Clare Kate  3w-gyr New Release     Mr I Johnson, Folkestone, Kent
1 Firebright  2y-r New Release                          Mrs. W. Gillings,Finchampstead. Berks.
1 Lemon Choice  3y-y New Release                  Mr. W.A. Copland, Banff, Scotland.
1 Spoilt Choice  2w-p New Release                   Mr. R. Sedgwick, Sandwich, Kent
1 Robustian  2w-yyp New Release                    Mr. R. Nicholl , Rainham, Essex
1 Golden Choice  1y-y                                         Mr. F. White, Ashford, Kent
1 Trumpet Choice  1w-y                                      Mr. R. Cain, Morpeth, Northumberland
1 Trumpet Royal  1w-p                                       Mr R.E. Thompson, Alnwick, Northumberland
1 Brush Fire  2y-r                                                Dr. & Mrs.D.G.H. Livermore, Royston, Herts
1 Rode Hoed  2y-r                                               Mr. M. J. Brook, Cantley. Norwich.

Bulbs sponsored by Richard Gillings
3 Bramcote  1y-y                                                 Mr. B. Duncan, Omagh, Co Tyrone.
3 Bramcote Village  2y-yyo                               Mr. F.J. Beach, Newdigate, Surrey.
3 Claverley  2w-p                                               Mr. T. Miller, Wokingham, Berks.
3 Crowndale  4y-o                                             Mrs. N. Cornell, Witley, Surrey.
3 Dailmanach  2w-p                                         Mr. T. Blacklock, Cowes, Isle of Wight.
3 Dunley Hall  3w-y                                         Mr, W.D. Clemmey, Whitnash, Leamington Spa.
3 Ednaston  3w-gyo                                          Mr. D.C. Macarthur, Dornoch, Scotland.

Bulbs sponsored by members
Sandra Baxter                                                       Mr. E. Williams, Basingstoke, Hants.

Mike Baxter                                                           Mr. W.A. Copland, Banff, Scotland.

Vic Coe                                                                    Mr. J. English, Wilford, Nottingham.

Gwynne Davies                                                    Mr. C.W. Parkes, Tewksbury, Gloucester.

Janine Doulton                                                    Mr. I. Tyler, Wigan, Lancs.

Gill Griffin                                                             Mrs. J. Doulton, Folkestone, Kent.

Dale Griffin                                                          Mr. A.T. Watson, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Ian Johnson 1st prize                                         Mr. B.C.Billinger, Nailsea, Somerset
Ian Johnson 2nd prize                                        Mr. P. Wilkins, Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

Len Olive  !st prize                                                Mr. D. Martin, Keith, Banffshire.
Len Olive  2nd prize                                             Mr. A.T. Watson, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Jackie Petherbridge  1st prize                         Mr. D. Spencer, Fobbing, Essex,
Jackie Petherbridge  2nd prize                      Mr. R. Crouchman,  Saffron Walden, Essex





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