Wessex Group Show Report 2017


The 29th Wessex Group Show at its usual venue at Henton in Somerset, was held at the end of a week of summer temperatures. There was some apprehension about how many blooms would make it, due to the hot weather. Fears were unfounded however, and as usual our Wessex exhibitors came good, 28 of them in fact equalling last year’s record. It was a splendid show, perhaps one of our best, giving our senior judge this year Janine Doulton from Folkstone, plenty to deliberate on.

The quality of all the exhibits was very high, especially in the Wessex Championship class requiring 6 vases covering all Divisions 1-4. Derek Phillips regained the Championship this year, together with the Society Gilt Medal his six cultivars being: Crowndale 4Y-O; River Queen 2W-W; Moon Shadow 3W-GWW; Banker 2Y-O; Disquiet 1Y-Y; and White Tea 2W-W. Second place went to Chris Yates, and Third was Ivor Clark.
Unusually none of the Best Bloom awards were to be found in the top three exhibits of the championship, such was the high standard of blooms across the whole show. Best Div.3 bloom however was residing in the unplaced championship exhibit of Evelyn Jane: a very nice Stanway 3Y-ORR.

The Society Bronze Medal for the Best Exhibit in Championship classes 2-5, went to Evelyn Jane for her 3×3 Alan Purnell Memorial Class entry of: Best Friend 3Y-YYO; Cameo King 2W-W; and Lemon Haze 2Y-GWY. Second in the 3×3 Divs.1-4 was Ivor Clark, and Third Derek Phillips. As if once again to underline the overall standard: the Best Vase of three blooms in the show; the Best Div.1 bloom; and Reserve Best Bloom in show all came from a vase of Ombersley 1Y-Y in Derek Phillips Third placed exhibit. As it is me that’s writing this report, I’m allowed to say what you must be thinking, that his other two vases couldn’t have been much of it! True.

The Frank Calcraft Memorial Class for 6 vases from Divs.5-13 was won once again by Angela Purnell with an exhibit also awarded Best 5-13 collection. Trignometry 11W-P;
Silver Chimes 8W-W; Ice Wings 5W-W; Crill 7Y-R; Kokopelli 7Y-Y; and Blisland 9W-YYR.
Second was Jennifer Phillips and Third Frank Newbery.

Class 4 for 3×3 Divs. 5-13 was won this year by Jennifer Phillips with: Kilstar 6W-P; Penny Perowne 7Y-Y; and Jamage 8W-Y. Second Angella Purnell, and Third Evelyn Jane. The ladies are monopolising this class chaps.

Class 5 for 3×3 miniatures was won by Angella Purnell, with Baby Boomer 7Y-Y; Hawera 5Y-Y; and Golden Bells 10Y-Y. Ivor Clark was Second and no Third awarded.

The American Daffodil Society Ribbon was where Chris Yates took his revenge on Derek and won with a lovely vase of: Emerald Empire 2W-GWW; Cool Crystal 3W-GWW; Spun Honey 4Y-Y; Phaonician 2W-W; and Culmination 2W-P. Second Derek Phillips, Third Evelyn Jane. Three very nice Entries.

The Society Silvered Medal for most points in the show was won by Chris Yates for a terrific contribution once again in terms of number of entries in the show including of course a selection of his wonderful seedlings.

There were multiple entries in 44 of the remaining 46 classes, mostly for single blooms, and as mentioned earlier the majority of our Best Blooms came from the single vase classes. Best Div.2 bloom and Best Bloom in the show was a Fire-blade 2Y-YYO shown by Ivor Clark. Best Div.4 bloom for a second year running was Gay Kybo 4W-O this time shown by Chris Yates. Best Div: 5-13 bloom in show was Churchfield Bells 5Y-Y shown by Eric Pickard; and Best Miniature was Ted Perren’s species N. Intermedius .
Interestingly the cultivars awarded Best Blooms in Divisions 1, 2 & 3 as well as Best Bloom and Reserve Best Bloom (Ombersley; Fire-Blade; and Stanway) were all bred by Clive Postles. A fitting tribute.

Chris Yates picked up four of the Section Winners rosettes for most wins in:- Div:1, Div:2, Div:3, and Div: 4. Jennifer Phillips for Divs:5-13. Ivor Clark for the miniatures. The misc. section was a tie but awarded to Gwynne Davies on a technicality (that being that Chris Yates had won too much already).

Our dear friends from Henton GC were there early in the morning and provided the much appreciated Bacon Rolls during staging. The club also provide tea and cakes for visitors to the show, something which our group members do not have the resource to do. Thank you Henton GC and congratulations to Hilary Tinsley winner of Best Exhibit in the Local Classes.

Thanks too, to Janine for travelling so far to judge the show, to Gwynne Davies who having thought he’d got shot of the job stood in again at short notice as Show Secretary, and to all my friends, family and exhibitors who unfailingly turn up to put the show up and then clear the hall afterwards. I am truly grateful to you all, and especially to the non exhibitors who troubled to come to Henton only to help. Thank you all.
Derek Phillips
Show Manager

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