The Late Lt. Col. A. J. R. Pearson

It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of John Pearson.
John created so many memorable and beautiful daffodils and his bi- coloured flowers still win international acclaim and admiration. With his late wife, Rosemary, he was the proprietor of Hofflands daffodils.

John was also a past treasurer of the Daffodil Society and a long standing member of the RHS Bulb committee. He was awarded the Peter Barr memorial trophy in 2007.

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2 responses to “The Late Lt. Col. A. J. R. Pearson”

  1. MICHAEL LEWIS says:

    Very sad, I grew many of his raisings and successfully exhibited RIP

  2. David and Gill Matthews says:

    Sad to learn of John’s passing. He and Rosemary contributed so much to the Daffodil World not only with their knowledge but with sheer hard work on the many Committees on which they served. We cannot be present at tomorrow’s Service but our thoughts will be there. David and Gill Matthews.