Wordsworth in lockdown

This came to me via Christine Skelemersdale. She received it from a relative so I cannot credit the author. Hope it makes you smile! (other supermarkets are available!)

Wordsworth in Lockdown:

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

Two metres from the madding crowd,

When all at once my name was called

To enter Waitrose hallowed hall.

Now the pensioners’ special hour,

I’d gone to get a bag of flour.

But I forgot – when through the door –

What I had gone to Waitrose for.

The Waitrose staff are extra kind

I told them it had slipped my mind.

They asked what else I had forgot –

They clearly thought I’d lost the plot.

I phoned my wife at home to ask

She helped me out with this special task :

“I need some flour to bake a cake

With all that cream you made me take!”

“Ah yes, of course,” I had to lie,

I dared not ask what flower to buy,

But then I saw them at the tills ….

A bunch of golden daffodils!




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