Mid-Southern Daffodil Group Disbanded

The Mid-Southern Daffodil Group will be disbanded from 30th September 2020. Alex Burke and the Committee have taken this decision with reluctance.

Please see the final Newsletter Here

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3 responses to “Mid-Southern Daffodil Group Disbanded”

  1. Richard Gillings says:

    What a very sad members letter I received informing the disbanding of the Mid Southern
    Group.Wendy and myself were fellow committee members at Reading Chrysanthemum
    and Dahlia Society when our Chairman Alec Burke and his great mate George Kimber
    Persuaded our society to hold aDaffodil Show which was a forerunner to the later
    formation of the Mid Southern Daffodil Group.In those days the forerunner was the
    Crystal Challenge and Goblet which I was fortunate to win.Exhibitors included
    Peter Fenn (Constable Daffodils), John Goddard,John Smith,Olive Lewis,Micheal
    Baxter,Tommy and Maureen Handley,Keith Garland,Phil Oram,Alex, and George
    to name a few.I would like to add my many thanks to Alec firstly for introducing
    myself to the daffodil and to thank him for the great service he gave to the Group
    from first to last and wish him well on his return to his native Norfolk.We are losing
    one of the best Daffodil people around

  2. Editor says:

    A sad day indeed. Alex and his committee have striven to keep the group going but Covid-19 has been the final straw. Best wishes to all group members. Keep enjoying your daffodils. Jackie Petherbridge

  3. zara evans says:

    What terribly sad news , for the growers, the enthusiasts and gardeners in general. Is this a sign of the times ? I think we all need to pull together , if able in our groups to help stop this from happening elsewhere. My heart and thanks go out to all that have been part of the group over the years , for all the hard work, friendship and wonderful days on and away from the showbench. I hope that everyone related to the group stays safe and well in the future , and hope to see some of you in the next season, lets hope for a better 2021, !It cant get any worse…..