Daffodil Care

Daffodils are a good investment for any garden or open space. If planted correctly they will flower and increase to give pleasure for many years to come.

There are currently three downloads offering information and guidance on growing daffodils.

Basic Questions / 12 Points for Success

This document is a useful introduction to daffodils and answers some typical questions. It can also be a help for those interested in showing daffodils and horticultural societies and gardening clubs may find it a useful free handout to accompany a Spring show.


Classification System

The Royal Horticultural Society maintains a register of all named daffodil cultivars and produces annual supplements of new registrations. Each hybrid daffodil is classified into one of 12 divisions according to the daffodil’s distinguishing characteristics and further notation is added to denote the colour coding of the perianth (petals) and corona (trumpet or cup). There are is a further divisions for non hybrid daffodils. Division 13 is for Daffodils distinguished solely by Botanical name.

Daffodil Societies worldwide use this system and you will also see it used in some Daffodil suppliers catalogues.


Daffodils for Garden Display

This document is 26 pages long and is a guide to growing and showing daffodils. Although some sections are principally  aimed at exhibitors, there is also plenty of  useful information for the successful cultivation of daffodils in general