Britain in Bloom

Britain in Bloom – Daffodils Play Their Part

Although many people would think of Britain in Bloom as a Summer Event the opposite is nearer the truth. The campaign is year round with some of the 18 Regions and Nations who take part covering the whole of the UK also having a Spring Judging.

One example is Northumbria in Bloom. Almost all of the entries have vast displays of Spring

Flowering Bulbs of which the Daffodil very often takes centre stage. Daffodils are used to great effect in Bulb planting days and wonderful drifts can be seen in the Spring from the efforts of the many volunteers who take part.

There are many villages that have a ribbon of yellow running throughout the entire area. Simple to maintain and sustainable for many years. Carlton, Dutch Master, Tete a Tete and Ice Follies are the cultivars seen most. However gardeners are looking to the “newer” commercial cultivars of different colour and division to add that little difference to previously dominant yellow and white.

There about 1,100 communities who take part in the Regional competitions. Of these about 73 will be declared to be of a standard good enough to go forward to the R.H.S. Britain in Bloom National Finals.

There are 14 national judges who judge in pairs. Each pair is allocated  two categories with the exception of the seventh pair who will judge the Champion on Champion category. These categories cover all sizes of entry from Small Village to Large City with Coastal and Urban Communities also included.

It is an absolute joy and a huge privilege to be a Britain in Bloom Judge. The passion and dedication of the people who take part cannot be measured. Here are people who have set about making a difference to the area in which they live. Giving their time and expertise in order to deliver an entry that is appropriate to their locality and asking nothing in return.

Horticulture has no boundary! Friendships extend all over the world and the Daffodil is able to play a wonderful part in the cycle of floral excellence. It is so gratifying to be able to play a small part in promoting horticulture throughout the UK. If I may say, an absolute privilege!.

Rae Beckwith.                                                                                                                      R.H.S. Britain in Bloom Judge and Chairman of the Northern Group of The Daffodil Society.

Britain in Boom is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society