Daffodil Sites

Daffodils at Ullswater

There are a number of locations in the UK where our “native” daffodil, narcissus pseudonarcissus can be seen. These small, dainty flowers with characteristic pale yellow petals are most closely associated with Ullswater  and sites in the Lake district, Cumbria made famous by William Wordsworth.
There are other significant sites in the villages of Dymock, Kempley and Oxenhall Gloucestershire, Farndale in Yorkshire, a number of woodland sites managed by UK Wildlife Trusts and smaller local populations in village copses and woodlands.

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Daffodil Walks in Cheshire

Daffodils in Scotland
Threave Castle (National Trust) Dumfries is well known for its daffodils.
The Backhouse Rossie Estate in Fife holds the National Collection of Narcissus Backhouse cultivars plus Backhouse Heritage and Education Centre with information about their ancestors daffodil hybrids and many other daffodil plantings in the gardens.
The Backhouse Rossie Estate

Daffodils at Ullswater

Daffodils at Ullswater – The Ullswater Way

The Ullswater way is a 20-mile walking route around Ullswater. If you can’t manage 20 miles in one walk then an open top bus or steamer can help you break the walk into shorter sections. Click the link for the walk map.


The English Lent Lily by Jan Dalton

A history of the British Narcissus pseudonarcissus.

Dymock daffodils 
A 22 minute BBC radio broadcast from the Living world programme in 2011. Blending literature, history and wildlife, Living World takes the poets’ path into the heart of wild daffodil country in this unique corner of England and revels in the coming of Spring.

 Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust
The delicate wild daffodil was once a common sight throughout Gloucestershire and is our county flower. Today the wild daffodil is mainly found in a part of the county called the ‘golden triangle’ due to its fields and verges of native wild daffodils. The Golden Triangle is near Newent and draws hundreds of visitors every year from all over the country.

Kempley Golden Triangle Daffodil Trail 
The Daffodil Way – This is the famous 10 mile circular walk established by the Windcross Paths Group in 1988

Daffodil Gallery 
Pictures of the wonderful display of daffodils at Farndale.

Farndale, Yorkshire

Farndale Walk
This article entitled Farndale Daffodil Walk was first published March 23rd 2012. The Walk At Farndale is an easy stroll through some of the finest scenery The North Yorkshire Moors National Park has to offer.

Mabey in the Wild: Daffodils

Wildlife Trusts – Great Places to See Wild Daffodils

Where to Photograph Daffodils
Useful information on locations in the U.K. where daffodil plantings can be seen and photographed.

In recent years thousand of bulbs have been planted in our cities, towns and villages often as a result of community projects. No longer confined to formal park displays banks of daffodils can often be seen in spring along major routes and ring roads, gateways to towns and on village greens.

Palace House, Beaulieu, Hampshire

Supporters of Marie Curie cancer care have planted daffodils all over the country to celebrate loved ones in  gloriously cheerful “fields of hope”.
Many of our historic houses have established daffodil plantings and some National Trust gardens will have “daffodil weekends” The Royal Horticultural Society gardens have well established naturalised plantings and changing displays in beds and borders.

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National Trust
Many of the gardens that the National Trust care for will be bursting with daffodils in the Spring. Here are some of the Trust’s recommendations

Where to Photograph Daffodils
Useful information on locations in the U.K.where daffodil plantings can be seen and photographed.