Books on Daffodils: Some Titles For the Interested Amateur Grower.

Although many of these titles are out of print they should be obtainable from specialist horticultural booksellers, through the inter- library loan scheme at your local library or, if you are a member, from the Royal Horticultural Society library.

Barnes, Don.    Daffodils for home, garden and show. David & Charles. 1987.                        0 7153 8853 3

Blanchard, John W.   Narcissus: a guide to wild daffodils. Alpine Garden Society. 1990.      0 900048 53 0

Bowles, E A,   The Narcissus. 1934 (reprinted by Waterstone publishing. 1985)

Gray, Alec.   Miniature daffodils. Collingridge. 1955

Hessayon, Dr D. G.   The bulb expert. Expert books.

Jefferson-Brown, Michael.  The daffodil, it’s history varieties and cultivation. Faber. 1951.

Jefferson-Brown, Michael.   Daffodils & Narcissi: a complete guide to the Narcissus family. Faber. 1969.   0 571 084796

Jefferson-Brown, Michael.  Narcissus. Batsford.  1991.   0 7134 6102 0

Kingsbury, Noel. Daffodil. The remarkable story of the world’s most popular spring flower. Timber Press. 2013.   13 978 1 60469 318 8

Mathew Brian.   The complete practical guide to growing bulbs. 1997

Mathew, Brian.   The four seasons. A guide to selecting & growing bulbs all year round. 1999

Mathew,  Brian.    The smaller bulbs. Batsford. 1987.   0 7134 4922 5

Mathew, B & Swindells, P.   The gardener’s guide to bulbs. Mitchell Beazley.1994.                 1 8573 2178 2

O’Neill, Helen.   Daffodil. Biography of a flower. Harper Collins. 2017.

Pavord, Anna.    Bulb; a handpicked selection of the world’s most beautiful bulbs.   Mitchell Beazley. 2009.   978 184533 4154

Rix, Martyn and Phillips, Roger.   The bulb book. Pan. 1981. 0 330 30253 1

Royal Horticultural Society.   Daffodil and Tulip Yearbook. Annual publication

Ruksans, Janis.   Finding and growing the worlds choicest bulbs. 2007

Salmon, Michael. A survey of the genus narcissus.
Somerton Printery Ltd, Canvin Court, Somerton Business Park, Somerton, Somerset TA11 6SB (telephone 01458 272368). ISBN 978-1-5272-0587-1. 2017
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Skelmersdale, Christine.   A gardeners guide to bulbs. 2012

Thomsett Andrew.    Golden Harvest; The story of daffodil growing in Cornwall and on the Isles of Scilly. 2003

Wells, James.   Modern miniature daffodils: species and hybrids. Batsford. 1989.                  0 7134 64569

Willis, Dr David.  “Yellow Fever”.  A Prospect of the history and culture of daffodils. 2012
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