The Daffodil & The Picture Postcard; History & Hobby

The picture postcard has been a feature of international postal history since the 1900’s.

During this period the daffodil has featured either as  the primary illustration or as a background decoration in the greetings postcard.  The collection of both subject based and topographical postcards is a very popular hobby both in the UK and abroad.  Large amounts of money can be exchanged for the rarer, more prized cards.

Jan Dalton, Daffodil Society Archivist and Jackie Petherbridge, Society Chairman are both avid collectors and have amassed collections totalling well into the thousands.  They have both written articles for the Daffodil Society Journal which give their particular perspective on the collecting of daffodil postcards.

Download Daffodils & Postcards by Jan Dalton here

Download Daffodils & Postcards (Part Two) by Jackie Petherbridge here