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The Wessex area covers the traditional county boundaries of: Gloucestershire; Somerset; Dorset; Wiltshire; and Hampshire.

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Wessex Group Annual General Meeting 2022
This was held at Milborne St Andrew sports ground with Vice Chairman Ray Hayward in the Chair. It was very well attended with everyone agreeing how good it was to meet up again.
There were some very happy faces after the bulb lottery and auction with only Ted Perren not winning a prize with his lottery tickets. Fortunately we have some “lucky loser” bulbs set aside so that no one who buys tickets goes home empty handed.
The irony is that Ted has always supported the lottery and auction by donating something from his hand crafted garden woodwork accessories and this year was no exception.

Fingers crossed that we shall see each other and some of the exciting lottery prize bulbs at the Wessex Daffodil show at Henton Village Hall on Sunday 10 April 2022.

Sad news – Alice Newbery
Frank Newbery’s sister Alice has recently passed away. We send sincere condolences to Frank. As he says “the world is now a very sad place without her”
Alice was a great support to Frank and travelled the country with him to attend flower shows.
She was always so interested in the people and places she visited and had a lovely sense of humour. We will miss seeing her at the Wessex group show and AGM, and the Daffodil Society shows.

The Late Dr Ian Penny
We have recently been notified of the death of Dr Ian Penny.
Ian had been involved in the Wessex Group since its founding over 30 years ago. For many years (1988-2010) Ian was our show secretary producing the schedules and meticulously recording the results by hand until computers came along. He would also handwrite the prize cards which being a doctor (of the scientific kind) was perhaps not such a good thing but that was Ian. Ian supported local shows in the NW Somerset area and also of course Wessex to which he continued coming for as many years as he was able, even if only to visit. In 2019 even that had to stop due to failing health of both himself and his wife Norma, at which point he made a donation to the group and was genuinely sorry that he could participate no more, stating he would ‘miss all this’. I always considered Ian a life member of the group and kept him in touch with our activities.
Unfortunately I learn that his wife Norma has also passed last year after suffering a stroke so I have nobody to send our condolences to.
Those of us that remember Ian and the great character that he was, may like to take a few moments to reflect.
God rest Ian.

Derek Phillips

Chairman, The Daffodil Society – Wessex Group.



Dear Wessex members
This will come as no surprise, but just to confirm that once again it will not be possible to hold our Wessex show at Henton this April.
When they are taking bookings again I will reserve Sunday 10th April 2022 . Hoping we can all meet again then.
Meanwhile, Best wishes to you all


Chairman, The Daffodil Society – Wessex Group.

The Wessex List of Approved cultivars for use from January 2020 can be also be downloaded Here


Winning at RHS Rosemoor
West Country exhibitor Zara Evans with winning Best Miniature at the Rosemoor Early Show


This was our 19th year at Henton Village Hall and so we have pretty well got the hang of putting up the show now.  However, it couldn’t be done without those members who turn up early to lend a hand, and many hands make light work as they say. From unlocking the door to having staging for 53 classes dressed and ready to go was 25 minutes. Maybe we can beat that on our 20th year?
The earlier Spring this year reduced entries in the Div 1 classes but this was compensated by more Div. 3s and in Divs 5-9 for which there is quite a following in this group.

There were six entries in the Wessex Championship class requiring 6 vases covering all Divisions 1-4. Our senior judge was Peter Wilkins from Buckhurst Hill in Essex. Evelyn Jane took the Championship together with the Society Gilt Medal, her six cultivars being: Crowndale 4Y-O; Disquiet 1Y-Y; Sheelagh Rowan 2W-W; Claverley 2W-P; Samsara 3Y-YRR; and Cameo Lady 2W-W. Second place went to Derek Phillips, and Third was Chris Yates.  Evelyn’s Cameo Lady was Best Div.2 bloom and Best Bloom in the show.

The Frank Calcraft Memorial Class for 6 vases from Divs.5-13 was won this year by Zara Evans with: Dainty Miss 7W-GWW; Menehay 11a Y-O; Ice Wings 5W-W; Motmot 8Y-R; Kokopelli 7Y-Y; and Mowser 7Y-R. Second was Jennifer Phillips and Third was Angela Purnell. The ladies of Wessex are putting up some awesome exhibits in Divs 5-9 & 11, certainly as strong as any at the National show: Frank Calcraft would have been well pleased. The Society Bronze Medal for the Best Exhibit in Championship classes 2-5, also went to Zara Evans for this entry, bucking the trend of the medal usually going to the 3×3 Div 1-4 class as it has done for the previous seven years.

Winner of the Alan Purnell Memorial Class for 3×3 vases from Div 1-4 went to Mark Read with: Banker 2Y-O; Desdemona 2W-W; and Charlie Connor 1Y-O. Second in this class was Derek Phillips whose vase of 3 Cape Cornwall was awarded Best Vase of three blooms in the show. Third place went to Richard Patrick.

The ladies continue to dominate Class 4 for 3×3 Divs. 5-13, Angela Purnell was this year’s winner with: Silver Chimes 8W-W; Crill 7Y-R; and Ice Wings 5W-W, one of which was Best Div: 5-13 bloom. Second was Evelyn Jane, Third was Roz Mizen.

Class 5 for 3×3 miniatures was won Derek Phillips who it is rumoured is getting in to these little things: Xit 3W-W; Stafford 7Y-YYO; and Yellow Xit 3W-Y. One of his Stafford was Best Miniature. Zara Evans was Second and Ted Perren Third.

Three entries in the American Daffodil Society Ribbon class this year and a new winner.  Evelyn Jane saw off the other two regular contestants in this class with River Queen 2W-W; Aircastle 3W-Y; Cool Crystal 3W-GWW; American Shores 1Y-P; and American Dream 1Y-P. Second was Derek Phillips, Third Chris Yates.

The other best blooms were to be found in the single bloom classes. Mark Read had Best Div.1 bloom with Midas Touch 1Y-Y which was also Reserve Best Bloom.

Chris Yates had Best Div.3 bloom and Best Div.4 bloom with Myear 3W-GOO and Gay Kybo 4W-O.

 Derek Phillips was awarded the Society Silvered Medal for most points in the show. Section winners’ rosettes also recognise the contribution made by exhibitors of single blooms.  Chris Yates picked up thee of those awards this year for most wins in Divs 2; and 3; and 4. Mark Read for Div 1. Jennifer Phillips for entries in Divs 5-13.  Ted Perren for the miniatures, and Derek Phillips for the odds and sods.

Once gain our dear friends from Henton GC treated the morning stagers to Bacon Rolls and provided tea and cakes for visitors to the show. Thank you Henton GC and congratulations to Mrs Mace winner of Best Exhibit in the Local Classes.

Thanks too, to Peter Wilkins for travelling so far to judge the show, to Gwynne Davies who once again covered as Show Secretary, and to all my friends, family and exhibitors who unfailingly turn up to put the show up and then clear the hall afterwards. I am truly grateful to you all, and especially to the non exhibitors who troubled to come to Henton only to help. Thank you all.
Derek Phillips
Show Manager
The show schedule can be downloaded Here

Here are some photos of the happy exhibitors

 Broadwey, Upwey & District HS Spring Show – 16th March 2019
The weather for BUDS show near Weymouth was a little more Spring like than it was last year and an early season ensured there were some quality blooms on display.  The same five exhibitors battled once again for the placings and once again to their credit all 22 classes were covered with a total of 51 entries in 91 vases. Bill Howarth was responsible for many of those and this helped Bill to gain most points in the horticultural sections once more.

The championship class for 3 vases of 3 blooms, 3 cultivars, was won this year by Ray Hayward. The three cultivars being: ‘Banker’ 2Y-O; ‘Quiet Waters’ 1W-W; and ‘Lennymore’ 2Y-R. Staged with Ray’s usual attention to detail and good mix of colours, the overall impact of the exhibit earned it the Daffodil Society Bronze Medal for ‘Best Daffodil Exhibit’. The Daffodil Society Diploma for ‘Best Vase’ however went to the Runner up in the class Mark Read with a lovely set of three ‘Jimmy Noone’ 1Y-O.  3rd place went to Bill Howarth.

The slightly unusual Class 2 for Two vases of Three blooms was also won by Ray Hayward with ‘Cryptic’ 1W-P; and ‘Lennymore’ 2Y-R. Mark Read 2nd and Eric Pickard 3rd.

The six-cultivar collection was a repeat of last year’s close battle between Ray Hayward and Mark Read with the same result; including the half point difference overall. Again, just as last year Mark staged six yellow perianths and, with no white in the exhibit, he lost vital points.  The quality of his blooms and his coverage of four divisions in the exhibit however enabled him to claw those points back and win the class. Mark’s cultivars this year were: ‘Demmo’ 2Y-O; ‘Jimmy Noone’ 1Y-O; ‘Achduart’ 3Y-O; ‘Corby Candle’ 2Y-YOO; ‘Uncle Duncan’ 1Y-O; and ‘John Daniel’ 4Y-Y.  Ray Hayward was runner up, and 3rd place went to Eric Pickard.

Once again Darlene Hayward won the three cultivar single blooms collection with a nice ‘Cape Cornwall’ 2Y-YYO: ‘Lakeland Fair’ 2W-GPP; and ‘Banker’2Y-O.

Runner up, Mark Read. 3rd Bill Howarth. Darlene’s Cape Cornwall was Best Bloom in Show.

In what is becoming a habit, the judges discretionary Daffodil Society Diploma went to another of Eric Pickard’s miniature entries. This time a terrific little vase of three N.Fernandesii.

Judge was Derek Phillips. Thank you to Shaun Vallard who has patiently stewarded on these classes for several years and to the assistance of Jennifer Phillips who is in the early stages of the proposed new judging test modules.
Derek Phillips

North Somerset C&DS Daffodil Show 2019
North Somerset C&DS know how to stage a good show and have always attracted serious exhibitors. It is one of the longest running in the area and over the years its support has ebbed and flowed. It was perhaps a bit of an ebb this year due maybe to another peculiar season, but hopefully for such a well presented show there will be more support once again in the coming years. It is certainly a good show for exhibitors in the early season.

The Daffodil Championship Cup is quite a challenge at the start of our year, requiring 9 cultivars from Div 1-4 staged singly. David Bryant and Richard Patrick locked horns in this one with two well presented entries.  David won the day with: ‘Ombersley’1Y-Y; ‘Pebble Mill’1W-W; ‘Banker’2Y-O; ‘Pink Silk’1W-P; ‘Cape Cornwall’2Y-YYO; ‘Suave’3Y-Y; ‘Heamoor’4Y-Y; ‘Terminator’2Y-R; and ‘Cherry Gardens’2W-GPP.  Certainly, an exhibit with good coverage of divisions and with colour.  Richard was runner up but did have the Best Bloom in show in his exhibit ‘Banker’2Y-O.

David Bryant also won three of the other collection classes, each of which required 6 vases. The three classes covered: Div 1; Divs 2 or 3; and finally, Division 4.

Richard Patrick was winner of the G.V.Patrick Trophy requiring three vases of three blooms, three cultivars from Divs 1-4.  Richard’s blooms were: ‘Impeccable’2Y-Y; ‘Fiona MacKillop’2W-Y; and ‘Beaulieu’ 1Y-Y. David Bryant was runner up, but his vase of ‘Ombersley’ was given a Daffodil Society Diploma for Best Vase.

This show is one of the few in the area to have classes for restricted list cultivars.  The list used is the Wessex version which reflects varieties popular in this region.  The Trophy class in this section is for 3×3 vases and won by David Bryant with: ‘Special Envoy’2Y-Y; ‘Cape Cornwall’2Y-YYO; and ‘Midas Touch’1Y-Y.

Among the open single vase classes was the other Daffodil Society Diploma winner Jennifer Phillips with a splendid vase of three ‘Rapture’6Y-Y.

David Bryant was also awarded a Daffodil Society Bronze Medal for Best Exhibit (Class 1), and unsurprisingly the Jim Kerton cup for Most Points.
Derek Phillips

West Moors HS Spring Show 2019
The early season this year ensured plenty blooms for the West Moors show on 23rd March 2019. The show also attracted some growers from further afield, the super exhibits from Evelyn Jane and Ivor Clark bolstered the show along with of course the top blooms of local veteran Ray Hayward. Not for me to give away Ray’s age; suffice to say he has a special Birthday this year and is still showing us young whipper-snappers the way.

The Daffodil Society Medal is awarded to the winner of the West Moors Daffodil Championship class. This is for a collection of 6 single bloom vases each a different cultivar and as ever was once again hotly contested with five entries in total. Ray Hayward was the winner this year, with Evelyn Jane 2nd, and Ivor Clark a very close 3rd.

The winning blooms were: ‘Sun Bronze’ 2Y-O; ‘Polgooth’ 2W-WWP; ‘Jersey Roundabout’ 4W-Y; ‘Cape Cornwall’ 2Y-YYO; ‘Banker’ 2Y-O; and ‘Quiet Waters’ 1W-W.  The entry itself was awarded Best Exhibit in Show, earning Ray the Daffodil Society Medal.

There are seven classes for vases of three blooms, and Evelyn Jane won four of them with: ‘Cutting Edge’ 1Y-O; ‘Cape Cornwall’ 2Y-YYO; ‘Trecara’ 3W-ORR; and ‘Heamoor’ 4Y-Y. The other three winners were: Bill Howarth with ‘Midas Touch’ 1Y-Y; Dave Manston with ‘White Tea’ 2W-GWW; and Darlene Hayward with ‘Motmot’ 8Y-R. Evelyn’s vase of Cape Cornwall was judged to be Best Vase of Three Blooms.

The best flowers among the single blooms were Ivor Clark’s ‘Chobe River’ 1Y-Y, and Darlene Hayward’s winning bloom in the Bill Stanton Trophy for an all yellow daffodil ‘Ombersley’ 1Y-Y. The Best Bloom itself was Ray Hayward’s ‘Sun Bronze’ in his Championship exhibit.

As I have mentioned in previous reports, the support for the ‘small growers’ classes is always good. West Moors Horticultural Society has a very large village membership and it’s good to see novice growers encouraged and well catered for with a range of their own classes.  They also have their own championship for four vases.  Winner this year was Emma Jones with ‘St Keverne’ 2Y-Y; ‘Rapture’ 6Y-Y; ‘Banker‘ 2Y-O; and ‘Goldhanger’ 2Y-Y .  Small growers also put up 19 entries in their single vase classes. In the members ‘named variety’ classes Mike Latham won ‘Mt.Hood’; Dave Manston won ‘St. Keverne’, and Bill Howarth had a lovely ‘Tahiti’. There was an entry in ‘Salome’ but that’s best forgotten.

The cup for most points in the daffodil classes went to Evelyn Jane. Trophy for most points in the members daffodil classes went to Denis Richardson. Judge in the open classes was Derek Phillips.
Derek Phillips
WMHS Member

Nailsea & District HS Spring Show 2019
Nothing can be more certain in the whole daffodil calendar than Nailsea Show being on the first Saturday in April. At least that’s been the case for most of living memory: but after all these years the school managed to double book and the Nailsea Spring Show was moved to Saturday 30th March. Hopefully life will return to normal next year!

The change in date combined with a ridiculously early season did take its toll on a couple of regular exhibitors but also brought along some new faces. There certainly seemed to be more entries in the Div 5-13 classes, but other than that, the Championship classes for Div 1-4 did seem a bit down on numbers.

The Championship class itself is one of the few left in our area requiring 9 vases. This befits the status of the show and I hope it is retained into the future. Stepping up to meet that challenge was this year’s winner Rodney Veale and runner up Terry Miller. Well done to both on worthy exhibits. Rodney’s blooms were: ‘Banker’ 2Y-O; ‘Clive Postles’ 1W-Y; ‘Lighthouse Reef’ 1YYW-WWY; ‘Moon Shadow’ 3W-GYY; ‘Crowndale’ 4Y-O; ‘Flying High’ 3W-YYR; ‘Pacific Rim’ 2Y-YYR; ‘White Tea’ 2W-GWW; and ‘Badbury Rings’ 3Y-YYR. There was an issue with poise on a couple of the blooms but overall a first-class exhibit using all four divisions with colour and impact, and immaculately staged. His ‘Pacific Rim’ was Best Div 2, and ‘Crowndale’ Best Div 4.

The 3X3 vases was won by Rodney again with: ‘Qiyana-Raine’ 4Y-O; ‘Clive Postles’ 1W-Y (Best Vase of 3 blooms); and ‘Goldfinger’ 1 Y-Y. Roz Mizen was runner up. Sadly, there were only two entries.

The Frank Calcraft Memorial Class 3 was the most highly contested in the show with no less than 5 entries requiring 3 vases each of 3 blooms from divisions 5-12. The entries covered most of those divisions and all 45 blooms needed to be carefully pointed in order to find the winning entry. Jennifer Phillips’ well staged and colourful exhibit took the 1st place with vases of: ‘Avalanche of Gold’ 8Y-Y; ‘Mallee’ 11a W-YPP; and ‘Rapture’ 6Y-Y. Val Davis was runner up, Rodney Veale 3rd. This was Jennifer’s first time of exhibiting in Nailsea due to the season, although she does compete with Div 5-13s at National level. I happen to know that the win was particularly poignant as she fondly remembers Frank Calcraft, right from her early age of five, with his corduroy trousers and a jolly ‘how d’ya do’ on the telephone.

Class 4 is always interesting requiring 6 vases each a different division. Only 2 entries, the winner being Rodney Veale with: ‘Goldfinger’ Div1; ‘White Tea’ Div 2; ‘Badbury Rings’ Div 3; ‘Qiyana-Raine’ Div 4; ‘Avalanche’ Div 8; and ‘Maria Pia’ Div 11. Runner up was Terry Miller, but his entry did nonetheless contain Best Div 3 and Best Bloom in Show ‘Moon Shadow’ 3W-GYY.

Best Daffodil Exhibit in show went to the winner of class 5. This was Rodney Veale with a terrific vase of five blooms well presented and exhibiting colour and freshness and all with good size and poise. ‘Badbury Rings’ 3Y-YYR; ‘Crowndale’ 4Y-O; ‘Pops Legacy’ 1W-Y; ‘White Tea’ 2W-GWW; and ‘Ombersley’ 1Y-Y. The Ombersley in this vase was Best Div 1.

Most of the single vase classes had multiple entries, notable among them was Roz Mizen’s N.Bulbocodium which was Best Miniature, and Terry Miller’s Div 6 ‘Seedling 405’ which was Best Div 5-13.

In the members classes Bill Knight had both Best Members Exhibit and Best Members Bloom with good examples of ‘Cape Cornwall’ 2Y-YYO.
Derek Phillips

The National Show this year was held at Pershore College on 20/21st April at the end of a very warm and early Season. Only six Wessex members entered, but between us collected over 40 awards. Well done Frank Newbery; Zara Evans; Ivor Clark; Keith Boxall; Derek and Jennifer Phillips.
Main congratulations must go to Jennifer Phillips who after five years of trying, finally won the James Barrington and a Silver Medal for six vases from Divs. 5-8. The previous winner had won it 15 times, so it was quite an achievement. Her blooms were: ‘Avalanche’; ‘Artists life’ (Best Div.7); ‘Elizabeth Ann’; ‘Pink Angel’; ‘Lemon Drops’; and ‘Stratosphere’.
Jennifer also picked a Best Bloom award in the open classes for ‘Mission Bells’ (Best Div.5) and had five other ‘First’ Awards.
Frank Newbery picked up a Bronze medal in the multiple bloom classes for Divs.5-9. Although his entry was uncontested, it was of good merit and contained (Best Div.9) in the show ‘Kabani’ 9W-YYR. Frank also managed to put up an entry in the Norfolk Cup requiring no less than 12 cultivars. It was a strong class and although Frank wasn’t placed, it was an amazing achievement in this difficult year.
Ivor Clark was awarded the ‘Sarah Dear’ trophy for the Best W-P in the open classes with ‘Claverley’ 2W-P, and had four other ‘First’ awards.
Derek Phillips achieved his one aim of winning the ADS ribbon with: ‘Engagement Ring’3W-WWY; ‘American Heritage’ 1YYW-P; ‘Pacific Rim’2Y-YYR; ‘Suave’ 3Y-Y; and ‘Phoenician’2W-W.
Zara Evans had a ‘First’ for a nice vase of three ‘Royal China’ 2W-WWP.
Keith Boxall had a ‘First’ in the single bloom classes with ‘Martha Washington’ 8W-O, and another for ‘Angel Eyes’ 9W-GYO entered in the intermediate evaluation class.
All our members also had several 2nds and 3rds which I have not listed. Altogether a good show of support by Wessex for the National Show at the end of a difficult season.
Derek Phillips

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