Approved Miniature Cultivars & Species for 2019 shows

The Daffodil Society maintains lists of  approved miniature daffodils that should measure no more than 50 mm. These are lists of the cultivars and species eligible for Miniature classes at the Society’s annual show, regional and other major shows and as specified in the show schedules of some affiliated societies.

Section A – Cultivars from divisions 1 to 10 and 12

Section B — Species (including true species and wild or reputedly wild forms and hybrids. Double forms of these species are included.)

These lists of Approved Miniature Cultivars and Species should be used for exhibition from 2019. These lists are reviewed and amended as appropriate annually.  Any proposed additions to or deletions from this list should be sent in writing to the Chairman of the Classification Sub-Committee c/o The Daffodil Society Secretary.

Click Here to Download the Current Approved Miniatures and Species List