Virtual Show 2021

As our show has once again fallen victim to covid the committee has decided in its place to hold a small virtual show via the Daffodil Society website so that all members will get a chance to showcase some of their flowers. Members will have up until 16th April to submit photograph of their flowers in accordance with the schedule. As soon as possible after this all the photographs will appear on the website. All qualified Daffodil Society judges and invited overseas judges will then have a week in which to judge each class (except any in which they have an entry) to Daffodil Society judging standards in so far as this is possible given the restriction of only having a photograph and not the real flower. The results from all judges will be added together to arrive at a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each class which will then be displayed on the website. While the qualified judges are deliberating any other member or member of the public that wishes to try their hand at judging is also invited to submit a judging sheet. Whilst these scores will not be taken into account in determining the results a prize will be offered to the person whose submission most closely agree with the official results. It is important to state that the competition is to find the best FLOWERS and not the best photographs!

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