2020 Members Bulb Lottery

The 2020 Bulb Lottery has been drawn and a full list of prize winners and prizes are listed below.

Thanks to Len Olive for organising this event and the generosity of bulb growers and individuals. A superb list of bulbs was available as prizes. Congratulations to the winners.

R & A Scamp Daffodils
£ 25 Voucher                                         Mr J,R. Woodrow. Norwich.
Derrick Turbitt
1 Bulb of Millennium Orange. 1w-o   Mr G.E. Cooper. Crowthorne, Berkshire.
2 Bulbs of Rongoiti Gem. 4w-o         Mr F.C. White. Ashford, Kent
Chris Yates
Collection of three bulbs                    Mr A. Watson. Great Yarmouth.
Terry Braithwaite
1 Bulb of Euphonic Bells.5w-w        Mr D.J. Phillips. Bath.
3 Bulbs of Crevette. 8w-o                 Mrs J. Petherbridge. Weston-super-Mare.
3 Bulbs of Angel’s Breath. 5y-y         Mr D. Martin. Keith. Banffshire.
3 Bulbs of Angel’s Whisper. 5y-y    Mr G. Ridley. Mayfield, East Sussex.
Roger Braithwaite
1 Bulb of Biggin Hill. 4y-o New Introduction     Mr R. Parson. Chichester.
1 Bulb of Entrepeneur. 2w-p                ME.E. Green. Isle of Wight.
1 Bulb of Coplow Dale. 1w-y                 Mr J. Longdon. Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
1 Bulb of Bentley Brook. 1y-y               Mr H.C. Jane. Winchester.
Bramcote Bulbs
1 Bulb of Barbara Ann. 2w-w          Mr R.F. Lomax. Woking, Surrey.
1 Bulb of Bramcote Gem. 1w-y        Mr R. Hilson. Haywards Heath. West Sussex.
1 Bulb of Bramcote. 1y-y                  Mr R.S. Moore. Avoch. Ross-shire.
3 Bulbs of Bramcote Village. 2y-yyo       Mr D.J. Philips. Bath.
3 Bulbs of Church Wilne. 4 y-o                Mr R.E. Thompson, Alnwick, Northumberland
3 Bulbs of First Team. 4y-o             Mr K Harrop. Denton. Manchester.
2 Bulbs of Oker. 2y-o                        Mr. R Crouchman. Saffron Waldon, Essex.
3 Bulbs of Reg Nicholl. 2y-yyr (Intermediate) Mr V. Hind. Rickmansworth. Hertfordshire.
3 Bulbs of Sweet Smiles. 7w-p                             MA. Barrow. High Wycombe, Bucks.
3 Bulbs of Artist Life                                              Mr S.A. Cardus. Falmouth.

Bulbs sponsored by Members
Robin Crouchman             Prof. R.B. Cain. Morpeth, Northumberland.
Mike Baxter                          Mr C.W. Parkes. Tewksbury.
Reg Nicholl                           Mrs A. Purnell. Somerton. Somerset.
Joy Olive                                Mr K. Boxall. Andover, Hampshire.
Len Olive                               Mr F.C. White. Ashford. Kent.
Jackie Petherbridge        Mr J. Foote. Bury Lancs.
Dale & Gill Griffin      £25 Voucher        Mrs J Doulton. Folkestone. Kent.
Keith Boxall
Collection of five bulbs (Donors Choice)                 Mr J. Sheridan. Catford. London.
Jan Pennings Bulbs (Netherlands)
Collection of bulbs (Donors Choice)                         Miss S.E. Vindon. York.
Carlos van der Veek Bulbs (Netherlands)
Collection of Miniature Daffodils (Donors Choice)    Miss C.C.K. Bassett-Smith. Cheltenham.
Choice Bulbs
1 Bulb of Eric’s Choice. 5y-y New Introduction              Mr D. Giffin. Stevenage. Herts.
1 Bulb of Dentons Choice. 2y-yyo New Introduction     Mr P. Glover. Weston-super-Mare.
1 Bulb of Crystal Choice. 3w-gww New Introduction    MrK. Boxall,. Andover. Hampshire.
1 Bulb of The Godfather. 2w-y New Introduction          Mr P. Barlass. Borough Green. Kent
1 Bulb of Influence. 2y-r New Introduction                    Mr R Marriott. Clifton. Beds.
1 Bulb of La Delicatesse. 2w-w New Introdution           Mr R Sedgwick. Sandwich. Kent.
1 Bulb of Magician’s Choice. 2w-p New Introduction   Mr W.D. Clemmey. Leamington Spa.
1 Bulb of Overdue. 1w-w New Introduction                   Mr T. Miller. Wokingham. Berks.
1 Bulb of Sandra’s Choice. 5w-w New Introduction     Mr B.A, Stagg. Cheltenham.
1 Bulb of Winks. 2y-yoo (Intermediate) New Introduction  Mr R. Nicholl. Rainham. Essex.
John Gibson
Collection of 12 diferent cultivars. (Donors Choice)     Mr M. Bird. Lewes. East Sussex.
Collection of 6 white cultivars. (Donors Choice)           Mr A. Barrow. High Wycombe.
Collection of 6 with pink in the corona. (Donors Choice)   Mr A Brierley. Hyde. Cheshire.
Collection of 6 Divistion One. (Donors Choice)            Ms Z. Evans. South Molton. Devon
Collection of 6 cultivars. (Donors Choice)                      Mrs N. Cornell. Witley.