George Tarry Award

The George Tarry Award is an engraved silver salver presented to the Committee by George Tarry, former President of the Daffodil Society.
George always recognised that behind every good society there are individuals who put in that little extra effort and loyal service to make a society and it’s event successful.
When he stepped down as President he presented the salver to be awarded annually, at the discretion of the current President and Chairman, to an individual(s) who has given good service to the Society. The presentation is usually made at the Annual General Meeting.
The recipients from 2002 -2018 :
2002  Jim Pearce
2003  George Walker & Eric Smith
2004  Jackie Petherbridge
2005  Wendy & James Akers
2006  Tony James
2007  Gwynne Davies
2008  Mike Flinton
2009  Sandra Baxter
2010  Ian Tyler
2011  Jean & John Gibson
2012  Len Olive
2013  Terry & Roger Braithwaite
2014  Paul Payne
2015  Ron Cain
2016 Richard Gillings
2017  Gill Griffin
2018 Wendy Gillings