About Us


Established in Birmingham as The Midland Daffodil Society in 1898, The Daffodil Society is the specialist society of Great Britain for all who are interested in the Genus Narcissus, by way of exhibiting, breeding or just lovers of the true heralds of spring.


The Society objectives are to advance the education of the public in awareness of the whole of the genus Narcissus. We will achieve this by:

  • advancing cultivation  and the raising and introduction of new cultivars
  • holding shows at which growers may compete for the Society’s trophies & awards
  • producing literature and displays
  • supporting other organisations and groups in the conservation of narcissus growing in their natural environment
  • encouraging educational plantings of daffodils in public gardens and community spaces
  • encouraging a network of regional groups to act in promoting the objectives of the Society.

Daffodils are one of the most popular of all garden plants and appear in over 80% of gardens, where they create a real welcome splash of colour to brighten the days and indicate that winter is over. Gone are the days when daffodils were only yellow. The modern hybrids come in many different colours and combinations of colours and range in size from exhibition flowers 5″(12.70cm) across in diameter to dainty miniatures barely 1″(2.54cm) across and growing only a few inches in height.

The Daffodil Society aims, through its publications and activities, to help those who have an interest in the genus to gain a greater pleasure from their association with the flower. In the Midlands in April, the Society holds its Annual Show, where a full range of cultivars, representing all the types and colours of show flowers, may be seen. There is no charge for members attending the show and no entry fees for exhibitors. This important two-day event provides opportunities for members to show their flowers, meet other members, and acquire experience and knowledge.

Additionally, the Society promotes a class at one of The Royal Horticultural Society’s Daffodil Shows  in London and Wisley and is closely associated with a range of classes at Harrogate Spring Show.

The Journal and The Newsletter are the Society’s two annual publications issued free to all Members and Affiliated Societies. The Journal, giving advice on cultivation, hybridisation and other topics, as well as a Show Calendar is published in Spring. The Newsletter, giving results of Daffodil shows and comments on the season, etc., is published in the Autumn.