More news from Galicia

Narcissus triandrus is out in profusion at the bottom of our campsite
and we found our first hybrid between it and N.bulbocodium a few days
ago (now recognized as N.x fosteri). In botanical nomenclature, only the
species names count as a recognized formula, not ssp.,var., or forma
names. Maybe something Fernandez Casas might consider when 
publishing ‘new’ hybrid names that don’t conform to the Code!

Weather at the moment is mixed, with stormy rain and then bright
sunshine. No snow or frosts though, it is a very mild climate here on
the coastal peninsula. This can be seen by the plants that grow here.
(Camelias everywhere, palm trees, magnolias, citrus trees and Norfolk
Island pines etc. etc.).

Jan and Lynne Dalton. 10 March 2013

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