Egged on??

What do you make of this? I had moved some pots of daffodils into the cold greenhouse

What’s That?

quite some weeks ago. Previously they had been standing outside alongside the greenhouse in a sheltered position surrounded on two sides by a waist high stone wall.

Whilst watering the pots today I noticed “a mushroom” poking up from the soil. Upon further investigation I found a complete hens egg, clearly rather old, slightly green looking and very heavy. We don’t

The Egg Reveals Itself

have chickens and nor does anyone in the immediate vicinity. How and when did it get buried in my pot and how has it remained intact throughout this cold winter?

Jackie Petherbridge


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One response to “Egged on??”

  1. Derek Phillips says:

    Hi Jackie, have experienced similar a couple of times over the years. Not in pots, but in the garden. Whole undamaged and quite fresh eggs. Buried by a fox apparently.
    Fascinating that they can pinch these eggs and bury them without causing any damage. Must have buried in your pot before you put it in the greenhouse. Derek.