Harvesting the daffodil crop.

Bunches of cut daffodils are now appearing in shops, a sure sign that spring is on the way. As the rain pours down, consider the army of temporary workers who are picking and bunching the flowers for us. Here is an advert for pickers taken from the website of a recruitment agency. (Recruitment has now closed!)

100 Daffodil Picking Vacancies, Cornwall –  January–March
As a daffodil picker you will be provided with your full PPE, waterproofs, wellies, gloves, sleeves. The work is based in Cornwall from Lands End, Mawnan Smith to Newquay.

The job involves picking daffodil flowers to a specification detailed daily.  10 flowers to a bunch with an elastic band on.

Experience is not essential because with dedication you will within half a day know that you can speed up and increase your earning potential. Flower picking is paid as piece work so you are paid for each bunch picked.  Experienced pickers have the potential to earn up to £10 – £12 an hour.  National Minimum Wage per hour as a minimum will be paid.

All nationalities welcomed as translators are available on site so there are no language barriers. You must be aware that this job is outside in all weathers therefore you must love being outdoors.

For people who are physically fit and prepared to work hard and be rewarded financially for their labour this is an ideal 3 month position.

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