Daffodil show at Coughton Court

Wow! What a wonderful show weekend we had at Coughton. The marquee looked splendid on the lawn in front of the house and the crowds flocked in.

Exhibitors really appreciated the spacious staging area and the opportunity to prepare and stage flowers throughout Friday. However even the best laid plans cannot control the weather and the severe frost on Friday night/ Saturday morning saw the vases frozen and the daffodils all bowed over At the 5am inspection. Those with experience of staging at Harrogate knew that a rise in temperature and time would see them revive to their former glory But it was a scary moment and prevented exhibitors completing  their staging and put back the start of judging.

Unfortunately it also meant that we were later than advertised opening the show to the public. We are sorry if some visitors were inconvenienced.

Photographs from the show will be posted shortly.

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