All Change at the Top

At the AGM of the Daffodil Society, held on Sunday 8th March, our longest serving President Reg Nicholl stood down.  He is succeeded by former Chair Jackie Petherbridge.

The new Chairman is Roger Braithwaite and Ian Tyler became Vice Chairman

Roger Braithwaite, Jackie Petherbridge & Ian Tyler

Roger Braithwaite, Jackie Petherbridge & Ian Tyler

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One response to “All Change at the Top”

  1. Wendy Akers says:

    What a stint you accomplished Reg. Congratulations, the end of an era. I was chatting with Don Barnes recently and you’ll be glad to hear that he made me laugh like a drain. Impressively he hasn’t had a drink for two years (or a smoke either) so there is life after stepping down, and laughter. You have no doubt got plans for more breeding of daffodils and I hope you enjoy the leisure and the pleasure. I can (just) remember your first visit to the Northern Group meeting in the Leeds Paxton building at Headingley, when you gave us a talk about “Hot water treatment” using an old washer and a thermosta. It was a very impressive talk, I think in the eighties, when George Tarry was the chairman and Jan Dalton the sec. I remember George looking crossly at me when it came to the tea break because I didn’t go out with the ladies to make the tea. Things have changed a lot since those times, thank goodness. Congratulations to Jackie as well as Roger and Ian.