Paperwhite narcissus for Christmas and New Year

Time is running out to get Paperwhite narcissus (prepared bulbs) in flower for Christmas.

Bulbs should be planted by mid November, with the narcissi bulbs just below the soil surface, about 2.5cm apart into at least 3 inches of loam-based compost, lightened with some grit or bulb fibre. Store the pots somewhere cold, with a temperature below 10°C. Keep the compost moist but not soaking wet.

For those wanting a more modern look plant them in straight sided glass vases filled with a 3 inch layer of white gravel. Water up to the base of each bulb and keep the water at this level. Grow in a cool, bright frost free place before bringing indoors.
The sides of the vase will give the bulbs support as they grow.

Once indoors carefully position your bulbs away from radiators and very hot rooms – they will reward you with longer flowering periods.

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