Judging Test 2018

The Society welcomes candidates for the judging test which will take place at the Daffodil show held at Coughton Court on 22 April 2018.
The judges test has two parts. Firstly, a written paper to test knowledge of the different divisions, points system, multi bloom classes etc. This is followed by a practical judging test for candidates to show how they apply their theoretical knowledge in a show setting.

For those whose memories of “tests” invoke apprehension and anxiety rest assured that The Daffodil Society attempts to make this experience as stress free as we can. We are not looking for your understanding and enthusiasm for the flower and the show system and not a an English language thesis!
The normal guides and tools that you would normally take to shows can be used and consulted during the test.

It is always helpful to have good advice from experienced judges and anyone who wants to take the test should try and steward at major shows. You can also request to steward at the Daffodil Show and take the opportunity to ask any questions you have after judging. A good refresher prior to the test.

For more information and to register your interest contact Society Secretary Terry Braithwaite Email- Click to send email: title=

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